Hotel Bali (e-book)

Hotel Bali (e-book)
Hotel Bali (e-book)
Fejős Éva
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  • ISBN: 9786155469657
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One man.
Four women.
Seventeen mysterious years.

Dóra, Gabi, Szilvi, and Judit: They were best friends in high school, but a terrible secret bound them together for life. After a delirious night ending in tragedy, they make a pact to leave the country. They must flee to where the past can’t catch up with them. But before they say good-bye, they vow to meet again in Budapest, seventeen years later.
Life scatters them to four corners of the world. Dóra starts her new life on the Island of Bali, and though she lives in the land of Earthly Paradise, all she can think about is her unfulfilled, lost love. Szilvi secretly writes a novel in which their shared past plays an important role. Gabi is torn between two successful and charming men, while Judit finally gets the man she’d never even dared to dream of...
Seventeen years pass and the date of their reunion draws near. Have they found happiness? Can best friends betray each other for the sake of love? What other surprises does their mysterious past have in store for them? Is it possible to forgive and forget?    

Eva Fejos is a reporter and novelist, author of eighteen best-sellers. She loves sunshine, coffee, chocolate, and travel, writes her novels in the evening and late at night, and hates getting up early. 


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